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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bear Alley Books: Corrections and Additions

When we publish an index, that isn't the end of the story. I have been researching British comics since the 1980s and the field is so vast that it's a rare week when nothing new is discovered. Ongoing research means that published indexes can sometimes require updating and may contain the occasional error. Hence this page, which I will use for corrections and additions and – hopefully – catch any mistakes before the wrong information becomes too widespread.


p.99 Caption should indicate that Brian Lewis is top left and Jon Davis is top right rather than vice versa.
p.110 For clarity, Channel should be Channel TV.
p.186 An additional annual, The Persuaders, should have been included as it was published by Purnell & Sons for Polystyle in August 1972. A contents listing will be forthcoming when I can track down a copy.

HURRICANE & CHAMPION (1st edition)

p.32 Rob o' the Wood. Artwork for story 11 is by Martin Salvador, not Guido Buzzelli. Although Buzzelli did contribute to Thriller Picture Library's Robin Hood issues, none of his stories were reprinted in Hurricane, so his name should also be removed from the creators index on page 44.
p.41 Whacker. The queried source story was not 'La Bulle de Silence' (Spirou 1433-1458) but the earlier 'La Maison d'en face' (1297-1318, 1963). (Thanks to MCT16 for the update.)


p.15 Art: Dudley Wynne.
p.44 There is no reference to the source of quotes from Chris Lowder as there are for others who are quoted in the introduction. These are from correspondence c.1994.
p.71 The strip is Carson's Cubs.
p.79 The strip is Gargan.
p.85 The strip is The Fugitive From Planet Scror.
p.113 The story numbering for Captain Condor should be continuous and not jump from 26 to 38, caused by the removal of text stories to the text section.
p.128 The strip on the far left is Jungle Jef.
p.129 Gary Keane's last episode of Paddy Payne was the issue 367, dated 28-02-59, and Joe Colquhoun took over the following week with issue 368, dated 07-03-59.
p.130 The strip is Billy the Kid.
p.139 The strip on the far right is Jimmi from Jupiter.
p.141 Artwork for Highway Danger is by Bert Vandeput.
p.144 The strip is Quest of the Firebird.
p.151 The strip is Andy's Army.
p.168 The illustration is of Dan Dexter.
p.170 The illustrations are of (top) Captain Condor and Tuff Dawson, (bottom) Bill Duggan.
p.176 Mr. Smith of MI51/2 (C10). David Slinn suggests that the art is possibly by Rex Moreton. "There was a chap who worked in the style of Mr, Smith called Rex Moreton, but it is difficult to be sure whether this is him or not." Moreton can also be added to the creators' index.
p.177 Mild Bill Hiccup (C18). Scripts by Ron Clark; the latter needs to be added to the creators' index. The artwork has been teh subject of some discussion with some believing it to be by Chiqui (Jose de la Fuente) and some believing it is Juan Rafart. I believe the latter is more likely as De la Fuente was, at that time, drawing war stories for the UK. Rafart needs to be credited as the artist on page 178.
p.194 The compiler of the Airfix Modellers Club was Kelvin Gosnell, whose name should be added to the creators' index.
p.249 The strip on the far right is Drive For Your Life


p.25 Giorgio Bellavitis made his first contributions to Albo Uragano, which is misspelled.


p.131 For clarity it should be noted that the artist for Looking Into Things episode 8 is unknown.
p.133 Caption should say "far right" rather than "opposite".

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