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Thursday, September 12, 2019

And The Wheels Went Round by John Chisnall & Anthony Davis

“On the last lap Bill takes a chance. With Rogliardo edging alongside as they enter the ultra-fast Malmédy bend, Beevers leaves his braking late to keep his opponent at bay but drifts slightly off-line and gets onto the marbles. The bike spins out of control allowing the Frenchman to sneak through to bag second place. Worse, the centrifugal force of the gyrating outfit throws Bill off leaving John heading for potential disaster with a trackside post looming up...”

And the Wheels Went Round is a book of anecdotes and reminiscences about riding in the TT and throughout continental Europe where John Chisnall had the hair-raising job of dangling over the side of a bike doing 100 mph.


And The Wheels Went Round is published in Crown Quarto perfect-bound format, 156 b/w pages with a colour cover.

Publication Date
Published on 16 September 2019.

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(* "And The Wheels Went Round" © John Chisnall and Anthony Davis)

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