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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Forgotten Authors Volume 3

More essays about long-forgotten authors whose work once entertained millions.

Mysteries of the House of Harrison & Viles
The story of Edward Harrison, publisher of the first ‘penny dreadful’ for boys and the first upmarket magazine for women, and his partner Edward Viles, the author of Black Bess, at 2¼ million words the longest-running penny dreadful of them all.

Walter Viles
The tragic career of the prolific, popular, inebriated brother of Edward Viles.

Dempster Heming
The first in a pair of essays about the younger brothers of Bracebridge Hemyng who were also writers. After years in Myanmar and India, Dempster Heming created the Munchausen-esque Colonel Bowlong for a series of tall tales.

Philip Heming
Following in his brother’s footsteps, Philip Heming struggled as a writer and, later, as editor of the infamous London Life, was prosecuted for publishing indecent material.

Mrs. Frances Campbell
A successful Edwardian journalist and novelist before she lost her husband to suicide and become involved in some curious work on behalf of W. T. Stead.

Phyllis Campbell and the Angels of Mons
The daughter of Mrs. Frances Campbell whose article in Occult Review and subsequent book about her time on the Front during the Great War helped spread the myth of the Angels of Mons.

W. Keppel Honnywill
Author of The Master Sinner who leapt to his death in the heart of London.

J. Weedon Birch
Author of stories about a schoolboy named Billy Bunter before Frank Richards created Greyfriars School.

Michael Storm (A. Ernest Hinshelwood)
The most enigmatic of all Sexton Blake authors—and one of the best—who died tragically young and left behind a legacy of mystery that baffled fans and collectors for decades.

Michael Storm (Charles Ignatius Sempill)
The mystery of ‘Michael Storm’ continued… who was the author—seemingly related to the mysterious long-dead writer of Sexton Blake—who resurrected his most famous pen-name?

George Hamilton Teed
To many he was Sexton Blake’s finest author, but George Hamilton Teed began his career in dead man’s shoes… as the ghost of Michael Storm.

Michael Storme (George H. A. Dawson)
Author of Unlucky Virgin, Kiss The Corpse Goodbye and Hot Dames on Cold Slabs accused by an M.P. of writing pornography.

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