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Friday, March 11, 2011

Hurricane and Champion Index

Hurricane and Champion: The Companion Papers to Valiant

Bear Alley Books is proud to announce an all-new index to these highly collectable British comics. Hurricane and Champion: The Companion Papers to Valiant details the histories of both papers and reveals—some for the first time—the names of many of the creators behind the classic comic strips that filled their pages.

Heavily illustrated throughout, Hurricane and Champion also includes title and creator indexes covering both papers, a gallery of annual covers and has a full-colour cover scanned from original artwork.

In his introduction, Steve Holland describes how Hurricane (1964-65) went through four phases during its lifetime and reveals the many problems faced by Champion (1966) during its brief 15-issue run.

  • "It's no easy feat to produce these accounts and Steve deserves praise for his hard work. The many changes of ownership that befell the Amalgamated Press titles, many finally coming to rest at Egmont (who now own almost every character first published by Fleetway Editions after 1st January 1970), means any documentation listing contributors and sales figures is scant ... Steve has nevertheless assembled a fascinating account of both titles."—John Freeman, Down the Tubes.
  • "Steve's feature article in this Hurricane and Champion book takes up 25 of its 48 pages and it, like the rest of the book, is heavily illustrated. The book is well worth the money."—Jeremy Briggs, Down the Tubes
  • "I can appreciate Hurricane and Champion far more now from a mature perspective, and even though I only have a couple of issues in my collection I found Steve's history of those comics a fascinating read. If I enjoyed it I'm sure that actual fans of those titles will be over the moon with this book."—Lew Stringer, Blimey!.
Hurricane and Champion is published in A4 saddle-stitch format, 48 pages b/w with a full colour cover by Alessandro Biffignandi.
ISBN: 9781907081538

Publication Date
Published 21 March 2011. Available now.

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(* Hurricane and Champion are © IPC Media.)

Mean Streetmaps

Mean Streetmaps

Bear Alley Books is proud to announce the publication of Mean Streetmaps, a collection of essays on crime noir ranging from the origins of hard-boiled writing in the pages of Black Mask, the novels of James M. Cain, W. R. Burnett and Mickey Spillane—and of their British copyists Ben Sarto, 'Griff' and Dail Ambler—to the movies of Joe Eszterhas and David Fincher. This eclectic collection also includes essays on the crime novels and movies of Hollywood's worst director, Edward D. Wood, Len Deighton's Harry Palmer novels, Sexton Blake's infamous nemesis, Zenith the Albino, and a new take on George Orwell's classic essay 'Raffles and Miss Blandish'.


Some Rats Have Two Legs [Griff] (available on Kindle)
"Let Me Die in Drag" [Edward D. Wood's crime films and novels]
You the Jury: Joe Eszterhas
Raffles and Richard Allen [George Orwell vs. Skinhead] (available on Kindle)
The Lady Holds a Gun [Dail Ambler] (expanded version available on Kindle shortly)
Deadline for Crime [Duncan Webb fights the prostitute rackets]
In Self Defence [Pete Costello obscenity case] (available on Kindle)
Restless Predators [British gangsters]
Mean Streetmaps (available on Kindle as Hard-Boiled: Black Mask, Carroll John Daly and the Origins of Hard-Boiled Detective Fiction)
Waiting for Darkness [W. R. Burnett] (available on Kindle)
You the Jury: Mickey Spillane
Twisted Hopes and Crooked Dreams [James M. Cain's Double Indemnity]
White Hunter, Black Heart (expanded version available on Kindle as Zenith: Prince of Chaos)
"Ferociously Cool" [Len Deighton's Harry Palmer]
You the Jury: David Fincher
"I Kill 'Em Inch by Inch!" [Ben Sarto] (available on Kindle)

"Given his personal sphere of interest, he is, as to be expected, always interesting and highly informative on the pulp underbrush of crime fiction as cultivated by such names as ‘Griff’, Ben Sarto and Dail Ambler – and if those names mean nothing to you, don’t worry about it; you are not alone. Expanding into more classical noir crime fiction, Holland also pens very decent essays on James M. Cain, Caroll John Daly and Black Mask magazine and first rate ones on W. R. Burnett and Mickey Spillane – of whom you certainly should have heard."—Mike Ripley, Getting Away With Murder, June 2011.

Mean Streetmaps is published in hardback, 240 pages with a full colour dust jacket by Reginald (Heade) Webb.

Publication Date
Published 30 March 2011. Sold out 25 March 2012.

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(* Mean Streetmaps © Steve Holland.)